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Family Child Care Provider's Association

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About the FCCPA

The Family Child Care Provider's Association wants providers to feel empowered and successful as business owners.  Each members success is important and we work together to build and strengthen our businesses.  Our services offered as licensed providers are professional and should be respected as such.  

The Family Child Care Provider's Association supports licensed daycare providers and offers our members a contact with a professional affiliation.  Your clients will know and appreciate the efforts you have put into becoming a better provider.  Here's what you can expect:

*Assistance in child care referrals:  Our referral coordinator receives many calls a month and can put people looking for child care in touch with you.

*Educational workshops and meetings:  Daycare insurance, marketing your business, interviewing techniques, contracts and policies, developmentally appropriate play and school readiness, to just name a few.

*Emotional and professional support from colleagues:  Tackle those obstacles and hurdles effectively by seeking the advice of those who have had similar experiences.

*Socializing and networking with whom we share a common interest:  Our meetings and events help to keep the "adult" contact going. 

*Informative newsletters:  Business tips, training opportunities, regulation updates and FCCPA information are all part of our email newsletter.

We wish for the goal of our members to be that they provide quality child care within a safe, structured and enriched home setting.  Our members strive to meet the many ever changing needs of their children through age and developmentally appropriate materials and play.  This is accomplished through educational workshops and meetings provided by the FCCPA.