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Family Child Care Provider's Association

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Checklist for Parents

Family Child Care Provider’s Association-Manchester Area


A guideline for parents and providers

The Family Child Care Provider’s Association-Manchester Area has gathered this information for parents to consider when choosing family child care and for providers to use as a guide during the interviewing process.  If you’re in need of childcare, please contact the referral coordinator for the FCCPA at 860-218-8184 or contact Infoline at 211.


Is the family child care home licensed with the state?  The certificate should be clearly posted.  Although being licensed is not a guarantee of quality, it’s an indication that basic health and safety standards have been met through a background check, health clearance and site inspection.

 Does the provider observe legal limits on capacity?  This being no more than 6 preschoolers, only two under the age 2 and 3 additional school age children before and after school.


Suitable hours

Tuition rates

Contract offered


Group size and age groupings acceptable

Illness/medication policy clearly explained

Paid holidays/personal/vacation days clearly outlined

Daycare insurance

Sick policy for children and provider


Licensed and years of experience

First aid and CPR certified

Does the provider have any health issues?

Disciplinary methods/dealing with conflicts

How does the provider handle children who cry when parents leave?

Friendly and cooperative

Attentive to the children

Professional image

Training (conferences, support groups)

Membership affiliations to professional organization

Substitute available or back-up provider

Any other employees

Any regular visitors

How are emergencies handled/sickness handled


Setting is bright and cheerful/children seem comfortable

Age appropriate toys/activities/ in good condition

Toys/play area cleaned regularly

The home is clean, safe and well organized

Space to play indoors and outdoors

Cubbies/baskets for child’s belongings

Resting pads/blankets/cribs/pillows provided

Where do children nap?

Children can access toys themselves

Smoke free

Pets-where are they kept/pet food stored out of reach/shots up-to-date

Air-conditioned/heated—space is comfortable

Hot water adapter for faucets or low setting

Carbon monoxide detector

Working smoke detector

Fire extinguisher

Lead free home

Which rooms do children have access to?

Where are diapers changed?

Where are cleaning supplies kept?

What are the house/daycare rules?

Are there any weapons in the home? 

If so, are they stored appropriately?


Daily schedule provided and/or posted

Curriculum offered/not offered—what does curriculum consist of

Can children make own choices regarding activities?

Dramatic play

Story time

Meals/snacks provided or not

Food program member

Rest time

TV viewing policy/shows watched

Outside play—children kept together/no one left alone outdoors

Field trips (medical forms & first aid kits on hand/car seats available

Potty training-techniques used

Regular fire drills

Health practices-hand washing/teeth brushing


Own sleeping crib/sheets/blankets

How, where and in what are infants napped

Familiar with SIDS precautions

Clean changing table, follows sanitation regulations

Formula/food/diapers/wipes (normally provided by the parent)

Held for cuddle and feeding times

Where is infant placed when/if provider needs to leave the room?



Which meals and snacks are offered?

Menus posted or available

Food program

Examples of meals or snacks

Are the children required to eat everything on plate?

Who fills the meal plates and are seconds offered?

When should babies be off the bottle?


Interaction encouraged

Communication/open door policy

Holiday/special occasion celebrations

Newsletters or daily notes

Record keeping of payments



Childcare comes highly recommended

References available

Warm and friendly atmosphere

I would feel comfortable leaving my child here

I would be happy here if I were a child


Infoline –simply dial 211 for child care

Your local provider’s association referral service

Friends, neighbors, co-workers

Check with your company-many offer childcare referral services

Your local town paper

Ask provider’s if they have a waiting list

CT Child Care Network via Facebook